Diving the Laguna de Apoyo.

Some of our guests enjoying a dive in the Laguna de Apoyo. It is fun to say you dived in a Volcano.
Finca Malinche offers direct access to the Laguna and a Dive master from “Volcano diving” can come to you with all of the necessary equipment for a dive.
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Nellie Sophia Benner

Nellie Sophia Benner recent Finca Malinche visitor and artist.

Enjoying the Finca Malinche pool

🐠🏝🍑 Next destination? 🤨

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Perfect double rainbow inside the Laguna

Double rainbow over the laguna de Apoyo

A rainbow just now in the Laguna de Apoyo. I started out thinking that’s nice, then both of its’ ends appeared in the Laguna and it slowly started to become a complete arc. I ran to get my wide angle lens. By the time I got back there was a double complete rainbow! You don’t see that everyday!

One shot is darker as the rain came in and gave it a different feel, the rainbow hung in there for a while though.

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A visit from an expert on Cigars in Nicaragua

Omar Rodriguez stopped by from Estelie to talk cigars

Today Omar Rodriguez cigar expert from the cigar capital of Nicaragua, Esteli, and author of the well known book, “Cigar makers of Nicaragua” stopped by to chat about cigars and deliver some of his special blend. Guests interested in cigars can arrange a educational visit from Omar to Finca Malinche or even arrange a visit to Esteli to see cigars being produced.

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Diving the volcano

Guest Andy Park took a dive in the Laguna de Apoyo with Chris an instructor from the Peace Project NGO dive shop.

It was my first scuba dive after a long hiatus and Chris was great showing me the latest safety gear and how to use it. The underwater scene in the Laguna at Finca Malinche is spectacular — the water is quite clear and the crater floor slopes rapidly down into the depths with large volcanic boulders scattered everywhere. Fish life is abundant, mostly brightly patterned, four-inch or so cichlids, who were actively guarding recently hatched fry in rock crevice nests. Others schooled fearlessly around my head, their silvery flanks reflecting flashes of sunlight. Fantastic!
-Andy Park, Texas.

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