Nellie Sophia Benner

Nellie Sophia Benner recent Finca Malinche visitor and artist.

Enjoying the Finca Malinche pool

🐠🏝🍑 Next destination? 🤨

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Perfect double rainbow inside the Laguna

Double rainbow over the laguna de Apoyo

A rainbow just now in the Laguna de Apoyo. I started out thinking that’s nice, then both of its’ ends appeared in the Laguna and it slowly started to become a complete arc. I ran to get my wide angle lens. By the time I got back there was a double complete rainbow! You don’t see that everyday!

One shot is darker as the rain came in and gave it a different feel, the rainbow hung in there for a while though.

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The full moon is a good excuse for a party.

Finca Malinche throws a full moon party complete with Mariachi

We threw a full moon party at Finca Malinche for about 30 friends and guests. Idalia and Enrique barbecued up a storm with fish and steak and served a dizzying array of salads and grilled vegetables to compliment. The eating, music, swimming and dancing was topped off by the surprise arrival of a mariachi band.

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Moods of the Laguna

Here are a few photos of Laguna de Apoyo, showing its changing moods, taken from the crater rim directly above Finca Malinche. You can also see Mombacho volcano in the distance on the right.

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