Finca Malinche and Covid 19

At Finca Malinche we are doing our best to keep our guests and staff safe during these difficult times. Please respect our rules while you are our guest, no matter what your personal views. As a business we are entitled to have and will enforce our own requirements on our private property. We thank you for your cooperation.

Please do not come to Finca Malinche if..

1. You have a fever or other possible Covid 19 symptoms.
2. You have been with someone who developed Covid 19 in the previous 2 weeks.

Health guidelines for your stay at Finca Malinche.

1. Guests should wear masks when they’re around other guests and/or FM staff.
2. Our staff will wear masks when they’re around guests.
3. Social distancing in public areas should be maintained at six feet.
4. Masks can be set aside during meals but guests not in the same party should be separated by an empty place setting at the table.
5. Masks also not required in the pool or laguna but distancing should be maintained with guests outside your party.
6. In general, guests don’t need to wear masks when there’s no one nearby but they should have them handy to put on if the situation changes.