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You may call Donaldo Silva the property manager on..
(Movistar) (+505) 8817 1145   (Claro) (+505) 8836 7711
You can contact Donaldo via WhatsApp which uses the Claro number.
You may also use the form below to contact Donaldo, or you may book directly and instantly using Airbnb.

Currently 3 double rooms and a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment are listed. Also it is possible to rent the entire property which accommodates 10 people at a reasonable rate. Contact Donaldo regarding this option as it has not yet been added to Airbnb.

Below are direct links to the rooms on Airbnb for booking.
Mark’s studio, a self contained studio with simple kitchen and ensuite. It has a queen bed.

Alejandro’s nest, a queen bed room for 2 with ensuite.

La Camita, a simple queen bed room with bathroom across the stairs.

Gitsa Havansa, Can be rented as 1 bedroom with queen bed, bathroom and full kitchen with sitting area and patio. If needed the second building across the breezeway can be added. It has a small bedroom and en-suite and is suitable for 2 children or one adult.

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